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“Welcome! I’m Ottavio Natali, cook at the farmhouse Podere Casino”

If you have arrived here you are looking for a place of choice of the Bolognese culinary tradition and, I’ll tell you right now: you’re in the right place! Here you will discover culinary dishes of our territory, some are well-known to lovers of good food, some less known but still tasty and always prepared with high-quality raw materials. Innovation, personality and genuineness of a very short supply chain of our land: all designed to offer a unique cuisine that we present as traditional but at the same time unconventional. Our farmhouse is located in the countryside of Bologna, surrounded by a garden that is the ideal relaxing setting for our guests to enjoy their lunch and dinner. Last but not least, the hospitality: you can also stay as a guest in our characteristic rooms with exposed beams and windows overlooking the beautiful surroundings.



“Traditional and unconventional cuisine made with artisanal products”

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Artigianal Products