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The art of Mortadella

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Nonna Edda, Nonna Edda, who was my first teacher in the kitchen and mother Angela who still assists me in the preparation and creation of sweets, always giving a personal touch of care and love in every dish. Grandma Edda has been able to transmit me with love all the secrets of the Bolognese culinary tradition. The hands of a child have been so cleverly (and severely!) Guided in the paths of preparation of the same raw material. Learning for eight years the secrets of the sausages, starting to have confidence with the ingredients and the ritual alchemy that lead to the preparation of sausages, unique and excellent products of our land. Today, thanks to the experience gained, I do not limit myself to selecting the elements to be proposed at the table but I myself, supported by my collaborators, to create them after a long journey of identification of the best raw materials. Thus was born the bagged for the identification of Bologna: the Mortadella del Podere Casino, a sensory experience different from what we usually eat; cured with passion starting from the choice of meat and spices to the processes that lead to the composition of the final result. A cut of artisanal fragrance that comes from the animal most present in the Emilian kitchens: the pig. A sausage to be enjoyed individually or to accompany with the crescentine of the house.

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The Mortadella that you can enjoy here at Agriturismo Podere Casino is handcrafted by our chef Ottavio. We propose some varieties of mortadella including the spicy one. Absolutely to try …